ion-docval open source beta release 1.0

We have just published the first beta release for ion-docval, the ionite document validator library and toolset.

This is the validation toolkit that powers the Peppol Test Tool Validator, usable as a stand-alone application, a local service, or as a library you can integrate into your own solution.

ion-docval 1.0-beta-1 Features:

  • validate XML documents against multiple definition files
  • Supports XML Schema (.xsd) files
  • Supports Schematron (.sch) files
  • Supports SVRL Transformation files (.xsl/.xslt) files (i.e. those generated from Schematron)
  • Integratable .jar file, direct command-line application, and (local) server for bulk processing

The source code can be found on Github.

Binary distribution available on the release page.