ion-docval release 1.0

We have just published the 1.0 release for ion-docval, the ionite document validator library and toolset.

This is the validation toolkit that powers the Peppol Test Tool Validator, usable as a stand-alone application, a local service, or as a library you can integrate into your own solution.

Since the Beta releases, ion-docval has had a number of bugfixes and small improvements.

ion-docval 1.0 Features:

  • Flexible validation options
    • validate XML documents against multiple definition files
    • validate different types of XML documents
  • Support for several rule definition formats
    • Support for XML Schema (.xsd) files
    • Support for Schematron (.sch) files
    • Support for SVRL Transformation files (.xsl/.xslt) files (i.e. those generated from Schematron)
  • Integration options
    • Java .jar library for direct use in a java application
    • Direct command-line use for individual validation tests
    • (local) http microservice for continuous or bulk processing

The source code can be found on Github.

Binary distribution available on the release page.

Full documentation can be found on the project website: